Elizabeth Amon


Elizabeth Amon is an award-winning reporter, writer and photographer. Her journalism has included articles on the Trump Muslim Ban, Chinese snakehead smugglers, children alone in the immigration system, Washington wildfire smoke and farmworkers, and youth and young adults in Washington’s foster care system housed in social worker’s cars overnight.

Her literary publications include short fiction, micro essays, flash nonfiction, and travel essays, including on political art tours in Oaxaca, swimcations in Greece, and land art in the Utah Great Salt Lake.

She was selected this year as a BookEnds Fellow, a year-long novel intensive, co-founded and co-directed by Meg Wolitzer and Susan Scarf Merrell.

She received a B.A. from Oberlin College and a M.A. in creative writing from City College of New York. She has also been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and a Soros Fellowship for her writing.